Burgeoning the research potential of Medi-Caps University is a primary goal behind this initiative. Having been ebullient in technology and student interaction, MUACM is now targeting to increase the research contribution of students at the University. Many students who are willing to perform research are somehow mired in clutches of academics or just don’t know where to start. We at MUACM are trying to act as an interface thereby connecting experts from the domains to these interested students and maintaining the zeal, enthusiasm, and flow of research at the University.

Furthermore, we also aim to gather students who are passionate to create innovative and industry ready projects and require guidance and team support.

Benefits of Research@MUACM

Learn research smoothly and in-depth

Especially the second and third year students would get ample time to acquaint themselves with research without any rush to skip the contents.

Get In-house internship projects completed

Fourth year students are required to opt for an in-house internship program if they are not working in a company. The projects prepared during the research work would act directly as the in-house projects and that too would be done under the guidance of faculty with similar domain exposure.

Benefit from teamwork and precise deadlines

Work when done alone sometimes brings sluggishness in it. However, it’s a fun and joyous activity when performed in teams. The precise deadlines could help one finish the work on time and remain consistent throughout.

Secure place in high rated Universities abroad

Students aiming for higher studies like Master’s or Ph.D. can enter into teams to perform research, submit papers to esteemed publications, and ultimately grab a place in highly reputed universities worldwide.

Enrich your Google Scholar Profile

People with at least one published research paper are able to form their Google Scholar profile which adds a huge weight to their profile.


Expand your network

Proper guidance for submitting the papers to some renowned journals and conferences would be provided.

Attend workshops, seminars, tutorials, activities exclusively for members in this initiative.

Get Certificates and swags on successful submission of at least one paper.

Learn in-depth about research from the people with ebullient profiles.